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CPU Power

2 vCores

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01 GB

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02 GB

IP Addresses

1 IP Address Included


5TB Bandwidth

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Technical Support


Technical Support

Technical Support


30 Days Money Back Gurantee

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Included VPS Server

Clean with Parallels Plesk

Easily manage all aspects of your Windows VPS hosting server with one of the top control panels for Windows.

Managed Services Come Standard

We take care of patching,backups and more so you can focus on your business.

Build Your Business On Windows

If ASP or ASP.NET is your jam, our high-performance Windows plans are built for you.

DDOS Protection Available

We are proud to offer premium hardware-based DDOS monitoring and mitigation backed by Arbor Networks, the market leader in network security.

Full Administrator Access

Our Windows SSD VPS range of servers; you will get complete administrator access of your server that enables you to operate and run your server.

Processing Power To Spare

Our servers are amped up and ready to go with the latest-gen Intel® processors. We'll have you up and running in minutes.

Frequently Asked Question

A virtual private server is one big server that is partitioned, however it provides with a dedicated server like environment. These servers do not directly connect with the hardware they are operating on and they cannot connect directly with each other as well. The server is independent of the physical hardware thereby it is known as a virtual server. It provides with a private hosting space as the other VPS servers present on the node cannot interfere in the processes or the file system.

VPS hosting provides with almost all the features offered by a dedicated server however at a lower price. You will get the complete control of your VPS hosting account including full root access for installing the preferred applications which is not possible with a shared hosting account. As an isolated hosting environment is provided by the VPS, you get complete freedom for running the scripts. You can also send out a mailing list as you are provided with your own mail server and you don't have to think about the mail server IP getting blacklisted.

If you have outgrown the shared hosting platform or if you are looking for an alternative to the dedicated server, VPS hosting is the most appropriate hosting platform. There are higher possibilities that a virtual private server platform will perfectly synchronize with your website requirements and it will also be an affordable hosting solution. While looking for a VPS hosting platform it is essential to look for the factors like signing up with a reputable web hosting provider, the time for which they have been in business, what kind of infrastructure they have and the technology provided.

The virtual private server platform is a flexible hosting solution that is a little more than shared hosting and a little less than dedicated hosting in terms of resources, price and functionality. Similar to a dedicated server, any website hosted on a VPS has a private space that is uninterrupted by the other websites.

According to our procedures your VPS hosting account will be set up within 24-48 hours once the order is verified. The order will be verified through phone or email provided in your contact details.

Yes, we enables you to upgrade to the desired web hosting platform. The upgrades within VPS will be done right away, there will be no downtime to your website. For the upgrade you will have to pay the difference amount.

We provide with the WHM, cPanel and Plesk control panels.

The website traffic also grows with the business, if the website is not supported properly; there are possibilities that the overall performance might get hampered. Any business owner who plans expansion must consider a VPS as it is an affordable and powerful hosting solution. It is also a suitable hosting platform for anyone who needs specific or customized applications installed on the server. It is also an alternative to the dedicated server, so people considering dedicated server like hosting might also consider VPS hosting.

Yes, each VPS server hosting account has its isolated or dedicated RAM, CPU and all server resources. Compared to a shared hosting, your data and processes are more secure in its own virtual environment.

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